Must do off road routes near Reading?

by SideBurn   May 24, 2011  

Have entered the Hellrider in West Wycombe, am staying near Reading for a few days. Have visited but not cycled in 'The Look Out' any good routes that would make a good warm up for the event? Any good routes in the general area. We normally ride on Exmoor and Dartmoor and are not beginners! We are using cyclocross and mountain bikes. Thanks for any ideas!

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You can't go wrong with spending a day at Swinley Forest (where the Look Out is). Plenty of trails to occupy you for a full day.

I live in Reading and off-road routes can be a bit patchy. There are plenty of bridleways but they often need linking up with short stretches of road.

MBR magazine last month had a route guide for a 15km loop north of Reading. Might be worth seeing if you can find a copy.

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posted by othello [297 posts]
24th May 2011 - 12:57

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Thanks othello, I have watched Swinley Forest being burnt to a crisp on tv; do you know how bad it is? Are there a number of marked routes or do you need a map? Thanks again!

posted by SideBurn [860 posts]
24th May 2011 - 16:12


Not too burned in the places you'd ride. It's best if you find someone who knows their way around as linking is the key in Swinley in order to get the best from it as it's VERY easy to ride fireroads a lot there if you're not careful. Depending when you're looking to go there's a decent chance either I or some friends will be knocking around there and could show you around.

posted by atlaz [158 posts]
27th May 2011 - 10:32

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Cheers; will be there wednesday to friday (1st to 3rd June). Look out for two mountain bikes and a cyclocross, looking lost!

posted by SideBurn [860 posts]
27th May 2011 - 14:08

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Cheers othello and atlaz had an excellent few days in Swinley. Good routes some great headcam footage (poseur? moi?). Managed a head-plant straight into a muddy puddle...honestly I found one! Unfortunately had just turned the head-cam off and could not bring myself to repeat the experience to get footage! Thanks again. Hellrider event finished at Royal Berks A&E for our team but we still finished!

posted by SideBurn [860 posts]
6th June 2011 - 19:59