This is an interesting piece in the Guardian. I think it's wrong personally. If you ask me, speed cameras were phased in to the UK on a large scale as a way of raising revenue in fines and tackling road safety. They're being phased out because they failed. More cost efficient ways of directly tackling road safety by addressing bad driving were ignored. But anyway, here's the link and say what you think:



gaz545 [12 posts] 7 years ago

The councils have to pay for the speed cameras to be installed and maintained, but the government take all the profits.
They where switched off because the budget to the councils for the roads was cut and as a way to get back at the government the council turned there speed cameras off.

power to the councils is what i say.

The problem with speed cameras is the fact that they are in a fixed location, and very visible. So people slow down for them and then speed up straight away. They make a small section or road 'safe'

What we really need are more traffic cops on the roads to educate drivers that make mistakes and have a presence. People pick up bad habits and continue with them because no one is there to set them straight.

cborrman [88 posts] 7 years ago

on-vehicle cameras are the way forward ...