I just read via Cyclingnews that Matt Goss plans on being part of the HTC-Highroad team for the Tour de France: http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/goss-ramping-up-form-for-california-sprints

I know he's had a great season, but I can only assume that HTC will also be bringing Cavendish to the Tour. And with good reason. I would think his success in past Tours shows very clearly that Cav is their main man.

So why bring Goss? Renshaw is usually Cav's lead out man, and again, that's been a really successful combo. Goss and Cav occupy the same niche on a team. I fear that bringing more than one "protected" sprinter could be a major tactical failure, much like the "too many cooks in the kitchen" issues of Garmin-Cervelo in the Classics.

How do you guys think HTC will set up their sprint train in the Tour? Will Goss really participate?


Gkam84 [9111 posts] 6 years ago

Goss to Renshaw to Cav would make sense, but after the season Cav is having, then Goss could be a very good 2nd choice, if Goss is there or there abouts and Cav says, no, i aint got the legs, then Renshaw could lead out Goss

Simon_MacMichael [2503 posts] 6 years ago

Maybe Goss is there as a Plan B in case Renshaw has a run-in with the Garmin boys again?  3

Have to say, Goss did a fantastic leadout job for Cav in the Vuelta last year, ripped the field apart on a couple of stages.

The other reason Goss could be there? Give him experience of the TDF so he knows what to expect in 2012 once Cav has moved on elsewhere....?  39