This is an opportunity. If I could afford to and had the space I wouldn’t be passing this on! Unfortunately a brief spin on it is probably all I’ll manage…

Just to explain, I’m selling this on behalf of a friend of a friend who’s partner had terminal illness and wants the bike to be used to it's full potential rather than sat gathering dust.


It was built brand new in April 2010 and has seen little use since (2 or 3 rides max, circa 200km is all). I have a copy of the receipt with the full listing of what was bought from R&A Cycles which totals $12k (US$). The 2010 version of the frame module retails for over £3k. Here’s the spec…

Look 596 I-Pack module in Large, white (‘module’ = comes with a set of the Look Zed cranks and Keo ZED pedals)
Zipp 606 (404 front, 808 rear) clinchers with 24h black PowerTap rear hub (Vittoria Open Corse CX tyres mounted)
Profile Volna Aero bar
Profile T2 Cobra extensions
Profile computer mount
Full Dura-Ace 7900 TT group (obviously cranks aside)
FSA inner chainring, Vision outer TT chainring
Fizik Arione Tri2 Kium saddle
X Lab carbon wing and cages

Pictures here currently setup in tri mode.

- the seat pillar is cut to suit someone around 6'4" - it's way over 80cm centre of BB to top of saddle (I checked, because it's tempting me...!), so if you're shorter and would suit a large there's room to play
- It comes with the cutting guide for the post
- It has all the kit to return the BB to English standard
- There is a chip on the frame and a scratch on the top of the shift levers, both shown in the pictures

If you can buy the full bike I've been asked to start around £3750 - considering the wheels alone are worth £2.5k new I'd say that's a damn good deal, and frankly if you wanted the frame or wheels and sold the rest you'd probably be able to tuck a bit of cash back in your pocket! Offers would be considered too.

Please don't ask for parts just in case it gets split down - that really is a last resort at the moment, and I'll let you know if it comes to that (and if it does there's already two takers on the wheels!).

Shipping to be paid by the buyer regardless of location - will ship overseas and have a hard plastic clamshell case it will go in to do so.