Any lid reccommendations?

by timlennon   May 12, 2011  

Hi All,

I'm about to start making more of an effort on my commute, which means some faster (=more dangerous) roads, so am going to put my current lidless mode on hold.

Not to mention that the missus seems happier when I cycle with a helmet ...

Anyways, perusing Wiggle's offer, I saw some nice looking helmets, but have no idea which ones are comfiest - or whether a more skateboard-y type one is just as functional and manages to look less like a lid.

(I'm not exactly going to be commuting on a fancy carbon road bike, so it doesn't have to be a piece of ultra-light, full-vented heaven!)



(Budget is up to £75, btw.)

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Just took delivery of a LAS Squalo today as a replacement for a Giro Atmos.

MUCH comfier, cheaper, and looks good too. Review in the tech section here if that hasn't sold it to you! Wink

Still, helmets are little protection against a 1 ton automobile moving at speed so no substitute for care and attention on those roads mate-take care!

...  Soyez Realiste-Demandez L'impossible ...

posted by Gregoire500 [138 posts]
13th May 2011 - 18:34


i've got a LAS helmet also (victory), best fitting helmet ive ever had.. they also do a 'commuter' style lid as well as the more racy ones

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posted by Fringe [1092 posts]
13th May 2011 - 19:18


Gregor500 wrote:
Still, helmets are little protection against a 1 ton automobile moving at speed so no substitute for care and attention on those roads mate-take care!

Very true - am partly making the effort to re-assure my missus, but will also have to remember more road craft than the current rididculously easy commute requires!

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posted by timlennon [229 posts]
15th May 2011 - 9:08


I'd be careful of just getting one to re-assure. Make damn sure the thing fits properly, or you could end up doing more harm than good.

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posted by mr-andrew [303 posts]
16th May 2011 - 16:42


Yeah, was at the local fair at the weekend and tried to find nice way to tell one doting Dad 'those children's helmets have been fitted really badly' - sat back with loads of slack under the chin. Luckily he took it really well, though!

Am liking the sound of the fit people are getting with these - checking it out later this week!

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posted by timlennon [229 posts]
17th May 2011 - 8:48


I have a Kask Vertigo C-50 like wot Team Sky use. Easily the most comfortable I've ever worn, thanks to the leathery chin strap cover and hinged retention system at the back.

two wheels good; four wheels bad

posted by cat1commuter [1404 posts]
18th May 2011 - 11:29


+1 for the Vertigo being a comfy lid. it manages to be comfy and very secure. i'm a big fan of LAS lids too.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7745 posts]
18th May 2011 - 11:35


i'm also a recent convert to Kask helmets (K-50)from Bell previously. No comparision, Kask is sooooo much more comfortable and the adjustment system works really well

posted by SPAM Naval [144 posts]
23rd May 2011 - 11:54


Don't buy one just because somebody tells you theirs is really great, its all about the fit. Try as many on as you can and it soon becomes apparent which ones suits. Also if your uping your game on the commute venting will be an issue. If the helmet annoys you, you won't wear it, go with the vents and lightweight.

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posted by boffo [34 posts]
23rd May 2011 - 16:42


Specialized Echelon. Great lid at a great price. Comfy, too. Definitely worth a look.

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posted by The Good Shepherd [54 posts]
3rd June 2011 - 18:34


Huge thanks to everyone for the advice. I've actually acquired a Las Victory. Was a bit over the budget, but is far and away the most comfortable lid I've ever had - basically forgot I was wearing anything.

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posted by timlennon [229 posts]
3rd June 2011 - 19:45


I use a Rudy Project Zuma and it's very comfy. Looks good as well without being over the top.

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posted by Stephanos [23 posts]
8th June 2011 - 15:36


Just took delivery of a Ekoi Diablo. Nicely finished and looks good. Really well vented and light. Much better than my old Giro Monza.

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
8th June 2011 - 19:44


Giro Skyline gets my vote. Available online for under £20.

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posted by PJ McNally [594 posts]
9th June 2011 - 0:44


i just bought this .. as i was in the same predicament

specialized echelon for £42.49

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posted by carl simpson [54 posts]
9th June 2011 - 9:07