Ok so i've decieded to take the plunge and invest in a dedicated road bike and leave the mtb for off road duties only. Been looking online and just visited the local shops and seen a few nice bikes but having a nightmare as at this price there are soo many options. Im looking for a bike with a degree of comfort for longer day rides and handling that is probably more stable than twitchy especailly as i'll be a newbie getting used to the road riding position. With my MTB i knew what i wanted and just bought it but with this road bike im struggling lol

Bikes i've seen locally:

Evans have a BMC pro machine SCL01 2010 model in my size, full SRAM Red apart from the brakes which are force, Easton ea90 sl wheels reduced from £3500 to £2499, bit more than i was wanting to spend but it seems like a lot of bike especially since parts alone come to around £1800. Tried it briefly in the car park and it felt good but want to retest it to be sure.

Merida Scultura EVO 907 2009 - reduced from £2600 to £1950, has last years Ultegra all round, mavic krysium elite wheels. Guys in the shop are super helpful in fitting the bike making sure its right size for me, getting angles right etc.Felt good on the turbo trainer but hard to make a comparison to the BMC. Can't find many reviews on this bike but its highly rated by the staff who are all really into road racing, they rate it higher than the cannondale super six 105 which they also have in.

Same shop also has Moda Stretto for £2000, my size is coming in this week so can try it out then. The Moda looks great and has had rave review.

I haven't discounted building up a frameset either but again so many choices it hard to get clear idea of what to go for.

Any opinions on the above bikes or other options (Storck Scenero, Canyon etc) which may be a better buy for the money would be greatly appreciated.


suffolkcycles [2 posts] 6 years ago

onixbikes.co.uk - Speak to Craig and use their online bike builder.

Frames made in the far east and imported but not sold through shops so you don't end up paying two lots of margin.

You can't go wrong.