What new tyres for new bike?????

by mtbikingmike   April 16, 2009  

Right then. First post on here. My new Cervelo is awaiting the last few parts so it can be built. HED Ardennes ordered so now I need tyres. I'm trying to decide between Mich Pro 3's, Cont GP4000s or Vittoria Open Corsa CX clinchers. Read reviews on the net (mainly US reviews) and there are mixed reviews on all of them ranging from the best tyres ever to complete rubbish!

The conti's sidewalls are crap? Mich's puncture easy?

Any thoughts from you guys appreciated!



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I have settled on Conti GP4000S's after trying most of the competition in the past.

They are fairly hard wearing, pretty robust and don't do the P-word too easily (I didn't say it so please forgive me!), and roll really well.

I used to like Michelin Pro's which I think do roll slightly better, but they used to get cut to bits all the time. I never wore a pair out, they would get too damaged to ride before then.

I have managed to wear a few pairs of Conti's out, and you do get good mileages from them, a guesstimate would say I get around 4K miles from a rear tyre.

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posted by DaSy [672 posts]
16th April 2009 - 12:17


I've been very happy with my panaracer evo2s to be honest through training, winter commuting and the etape ( good grip and no punctures at all) but do fancy a pair of Michelin Pro3s for Summer from discussion with mates who ride on them.

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posted by narch [114 posts]
16th April 2009 - 18:23


i'd go for contis because the new 24mm carcass will work really well with the wider rim of the ardennes wheelset. i'm sure you can find bad reviews of them but the people i've talked to that have used them were overwhelmingly positive about them

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7697 posts]
16th April 2009 - 20:23


I like the Schwalbe Ultremo's, they look nice as well Smile

Fancied some Ardennes but they went up massively last year and decided I couldn't justify the spend, ah well.

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posted by Blackhound [458 posts]
16th April 2009 - 22:01


Dave and I rode on the conti's yesterday and they were very nice. Smooth with little effort to get them rolling. There were several punctures along the route too but none (that Im aware of) with the conti's.

not all carbon is the same.

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posted by Jon Burrage [1081 posts]
17th April 2009 - 8:37