Any racers here?

by Blackhound   April 15, 2009  

Just wondered really as there is very little mention of it in the forums. Seems to be a few people doing sportive's, tri-athlons, audax or time trials.

Personally I do a few club time trials in summer but besides being a bit slow don't think I fancy being in such close proximity to a lot of cat 4's going for the same space.

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not me, the odd time trial is the limit of my racing ambitions and i'm too old to start now Smile

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posted by purplecup [233 posts]
15th April 2009 - 21:57


me neither, although i am tempted by the races up at the castle combe race cicuit that (i think) chippenham wheelers do - if you get dropped you can coast round and pick up the group when you get lapped!

done a few duathlons up there too, and i'll be time trialling a bit this year. but nothing to trouble the scorers...

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7863 posts]
15th April 2009 - 22:10


Used to road race, time trials, track and mountain bike racing in my teens, following a rather nasty crash I now ride for fun and fitness.

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posted by matrs [61 posts]
16th April 2009 - 12:06


Hi there, I do the club TT's in the summer, and ride the LVRC races as well to keep fit. If I get dropped I just carry on riding round meet with the next bunch and join on the back of them. It's amazing how fit you can get just doing a few races.

posted by Lantern rouge [20 posts]
16th April 2009 - 16:16


Hi Lantern Rouge,

Do you do any training as well? Aside from lack of talent the big reason I've never done any competitive cycling is lack of time for training.

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posted by Hammy [97 posts]
16th April 2009 - 16:48


i've raced a few crits round the park (quite a steep learning curve there), and a week-long thing in Germany, a dozen or more 'cross races and over 20 years of mtb racing which comes to more than a few

posted by VecchioJo [809 posts]
16th April 2009 - 23:23


I stick to time trials and triathlons. Having done the ride with dave yesterday where several elite riders were riding I can see the massive gulf between my 'enthusiastic' level and the level they are at. Will be doing the Castle combe duo's with dave at point this summer and longer triathlons but want to get into some road racing, looks fun!

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posted by Jon Burrage [1081 posts]
17th April 2009 - 8:36


I have done one triathlon...I crashed on the bike part though. It was terrible weather, very wet and windy. I was going along just fine but the next thing I knew I was on the ground. This could be a factor in my nervousness about cycling on roads.
Will do more this year though.

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posted by TwiggyHo [60 posts]
17th April 2009 - 9:23


In my wilder moments I quite fancy it, but I'd have to get a lot fitter first, and the whole thing of riding in a bunch seems to me to be a bit fraught.

Tootling along trying to beat my own times is the way I'm going for the time being.

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posted by John_the_Monkey [428 posts]
17th April 2009 - 9:43


Hadnt ridden in an 'elite' style bunch before highclere yesterday, 3 or 4 inches between wheels. For a newbie to that style of riding like me it was quite a nervous experience but the gain you get from being so close to those in front is incredible.

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posted by Jon Burrage [1081 posts]
17th April 2009 - 9:48


I try and do a big ride (or race)on a Sunday if possible. Tuesday evening TT during the summer. Try and get out on Wednesday morning or Thursday evening if I'm not working. And during the winter go on the rollers or turbo trainer.

posted by Lantern rouge [20 posts]
1st May 2009 - 20:16