I raced mountain bikes from 1988 through to 1995. Marriage and children and general family comitments forced me out of the saddle until last year when I bought an Orange P7 that I love to smash around the trails of South Wales.

After years in the cycling wilderness I took the plunge, gave up smoking and bought myself a road bike.

So after a lot of looking around I bought an OLMO Equipe from Wiggle (after taking advice from someone at work who knew about the pedegree of the OLMO name).
Wiggle had a few OLMO's up at discount prices and someone on here must have also bought one...

Got to say I got a lot of bang for my bucks... I love the bike, 105 and FSA gear, Aluminium/Scandium frame it is easily lighter by at least 4lbs and better specced than the "Bikes to Work" machines bought last year by my work colleagues.

The tyres were a weak point and have been replaced by some decent "Continental" rubber.

SO..... Did anyone else on here buy an OLMO and what are your toughts?