I'm 13 years old and I was wondering if I could get people's opinions on the giant defy2 roadbike it will be my first road bike and it's go in to cost 700 so please large your opionions


Gkam84 [9119 posts] 7 years ago

Its a decent bike, but in my opinion there are so many better bikes for that kinda price, i will just list a few for you to look at

Specialized Allez 24
Scott Speedster S50
Felt F95
Felt Z100
Claud Butler Echelon

There's a couple, but go to your local bike shop and get fitted properly for a bike and try a few, at your age, make sure you get a bike that fits properly else you will not enjoy road riding

Tony Farrelly [2948 posts] 7 years ago

All the bikes GKAM mentions are good and you wouldn't go wrong with any of them - although the Specialized might not give you as much growing room.

I'd have to disagree with GKAM's assesment that the others are better bikes though - I wouldn't be surprised at all if at least two of them didn't also come out of the Giant Factory for a start.

In my opinion the Defy 2 is better bet, it's a really good handling, nippy machine, and it comes with a better spec - and there look to be some good deals around on the 2010 version too which has an even better spec. The only downer against it is likely to be the quality of the tyres. I rode one for a few months a couple of years back and really enjoyed it (I've also ridden the Allez 24). The only point against the Defy was the tyres, for some reason Giant insists on putting heavy training type tyres on their bikes at this price point - that criticism could also be leveled at most of the others on GKAM's list, but it should be something easily sorted in the bike shop. Swap the tyres and you transform the ride.

The 2011 Defy 2 looks very smart too - it's gotten a new frame for 2011 and they've changed the tyres from Kenda Kriteriums (which are horrible). Well, the name on the tyres has changed at least it's now a Giant own brand.

Giant make a lot of bikes for other bike companies (one reason why there are so many bikes that look like the Defy around) and they know how to make a good, competitive machine. Traditionally they, along with Specialized and Trek have been the benchmark setters at this price point too.

If it was my money I'd look around for the best deal on a Defy 2 - possibly the 2010 model, which has a better groupset Shimano Tiagra rather than Sora and look to swap the tyres maybe to something that offers a nice balance of speed and durability like a Conti 4 seasons. If in the process I found a really good deal on one of the other bikes mentioned I'd go for that - none of them would let you down - you might also want to chuck a Trek 1.2 in to the mix.

The other thing to do is visit a shop that will let you take one out for a test ride so you can see how it feels.

Hope that helps. And if you have any more questions fire 'em in.

Gkam84 [9119 posts] 7 years ago

I was unaware the 2010 came with Tiagra and not Sora, if thats the case, well worth checking out

Alot of bike shops will still have 2010 models of various bikes sitting about which are well worth looking at because they represent better value

I tend to upgrade every couple of years and normally towards the end of the year because shops are reducing prices to make room for the next years stock