ALDI Track Pump

by phax71   May 5, 2011  

I've been out this morning and purchased a Track pump from ALDI as they're only £4.99 ... my old one is useless and cant get above about 85psi so I figured couldnae hurt too much ..

Anyway, just tried it out and although it's not exactly sturdy and probably won't last all that long it certainly got me upto 110psi and could probably have gone a good bit higher ...

Happy punter here, just figured I'd post it in case anyone's looking for a cheap Track Pump.

Haven't posted the link as I think it delays publication of the forum post but just take a look at the ALDI site for more details.

Got some cheese, parma ham and mackerel fillets also, but I guess you don't really wanna hear about them .... Smile

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always happy to hear about cheese and ham. but no, you can keep your mackerel. Big Grin

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7579 posts]
5th May 2011 - 15:28


Pretty happy with my track pump too- can't go wrong for a fiver. And my chorizo and cheesecake weren't half bad either.


posted by Littlehuan [46 posts]
5th May 2011 - 15:32


Was it a nice cheese?

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posted by mr-andrew [301 posts]
5th May 2011 - 16:30


mackerel, good for yer racing brains...........

and i really would like to know just how long a 4.99 track pump lasts for, keep us posted. ta.

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posted by Fringe [1089 posts]
5th May 2011 - 18:52


Thanks for posting about the stuff at Aldi got the Soft Shell - had a little spin in it tonight got a few strange looks when I went to vote after 10 miles and I was a bit warm. Confused Also got some cake when I was in Aldi great jacket fro £15 and not bad cake for 90p Wink

posted by IOM Paddy [38 posts]
5th May 2011 - 20:02


The cheese was a Stilton (not opened it yet) .... Me likes a stinky Stilton though .... Smile

As for the longevity of the pump, who knows, it's not a sturdy type of thing and feels pretty cheap but it certainly does the job and I needed one ASAP so ... me happy ...

Me, Myself and I

posted by phax71 [305 posts]
6th May 2011 - 7:07


I got the jacket too. I read a few people complaining about the fit on another forum but the fit was fine for me tbh.

Also 2 pairs of mitts.1 pair for my wife, the other for my daughter.

My dad got the seat pack and a jersey too.

posted by Super Domestique [1660 posts]
6th May 2011 - 7:17


The fit is not bad but I am now Xtra Lardy not just Lardy which was a bit of a dissapointment Crying hence why I had to console myself with cake.

Forgot to mention I even got the hanger with it

posted by IOM Paddy [38 posts]
6th May 2011 - 10:24


Had my pump since the last time round, so 2/3 months and still going strong!

Shut up legs

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posted by slow-cyclo [74 posts]
6th May 2011 - 11:37


The fit sizes for the Aldi cycling clothes is on the smallish side so sometimes I find their large (42-44) sizes a bit small. That said, the quality is amazing for the price. I bought my first cycling clothes from Aldi back in 2004 and they have survived. It has enabled me to get into cycling at a price I could afford.

posted by mikeyc38 [2 posts]
6th May 2011 - 12:15


Was the stilton the 'crumbly' type...I love that stuff..


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posted by The _Kaner [556 posts]
7th May 2011 - 11:39


esp. with some branston pickle and a baked potato. mmmmmmm. Party

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posted by Fringe [1089 posts]
7th May 2011 - 12:32


Bought track pump from Aldi over a year ago. Still working fine. Winter kit is good stuff too for the price. They do some tasty lightly dusted fish fillets aswell. Healthier than the chippy!!


posted by Bennyboy [35 posts]
7th May 2011 - 13:05


My track pump from last year is still going strong. As are my socks and seatpack...

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing..."

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posted by Cooks [496 posts]
9th May 2011 - 12:54