I ride a 1982 TEAM RALEIGH. It originally came with a Regina ORO 13 to 17 which I subsequently replaced with a Maillard Dural of similar combination.

I need to change my freewheel again( run its life). Can anyone tell me where I can get a similar or equivalent freewheel. I only see 7 plus teethed cassettes available now which will not sit on my Campagnolo record hub with a British thread.

Is it wiser then to change the hub and switch to the cassette system. Will the minimum 7 tooth freewheel sit in the same space as the five toothed one i have now ??
PLease suggest. Thanks.


Tony Farrelly [2948 posts] 9 years ago

Good question vibha, and I won't pretend to have the definitive answer, but the opinion around the road.cc office is that you could switch to seven speed and that you should just be able to squeeze that in to the same space occupied by your five speed freewheel.

Or you could try these guys - they list three five speed freewheels on there website - the closest they have to your current ratios though is a 16-20.

DaSy [822 posts] 9 years ago

Vibha - there is a Regina ORO 5spd freewheel 14-22, 15-19, 15-23 all at £25.00 on Campyoldy's website here-