Hi guys, I'm riding a 3 speed sturmey on a frame with braze-ons, the hub is laced with 24 spokes. I can't remember which rim, but a reasonably priced middle of the road option - all hand built.

I've recently stolen my flatmates rack and panniers for a commuting experiment and loved it, but its just dawned on me that my low-spoke sturmey might not be strong enough!

It's only for commuting rather than touring, so no major loads, no more than a backpack. Do you think the wheel will hold up, or am I about to trash it?



dave atkinson [6360 posts] 7 years ago

Do they do a 24-spoke version of the three speed? I thought the lowest they went was 28. or is it missing spokes at the hub flange?

How much do you weigh? I'm 99kg and routinely ride a 24-spoke rear over fairly long distances. Assuming you're lighter than me (most cyclists seem to be...) then you plus a pannier is unlikely to break a 24-spoke wheel.

Fishy [45 posts] 7 years ago

Ah apologies, my mistake - Yup the 28 spoke version.

I am pretty light, <70 kilos - and to be honest given that me + backpack wasn't a problem, I'd assumed it'd be fine, but I was wondering if the different weight distribution would make a difference.


davebinks [153 posts] 7 years ago

The spokes material is more important than the hub material, which is almost certainly steel.

If they are stainless steel spokes, I wouldn't worry because they are very tough.
However, if the wheel is old and the spokes are the old "rustless steel" ones, I think you will soon have trouble.

Before St Stl spokes came out, broken spokes were very common. Now they are almost unheard of.