Hi all
Garage broken into last night, fortunately b###ards only took a Road bike - recon the alarm going off made 'em scarper. MTBS all chained with a f***k off big chain - carbon framed road bike hanging to avoid damage. Fortunately the coppers have caught 3 of the toe rags who drove away but the bike was ridden away - wet last night so hopefully the fecker fell off - keo pedals not very grippy without cleats especially in the wet.
Location - North west Leicester
Bike - Wilier Izoard (white & silver) White DT swiss mon chaseral wheels Campagnolo 11 speed mix of Chorus, Record & Super Record - Ritchey Carbon Bars, White Ritchey stem, Fsa Carbon seat post Selle Flite Carbon rail saddle & white bar tape.  20
Apparently the gits they caught are fro Braunstone area & the police think the bike may be headed that way!!??
Keep 'em peeled folks.