Over budget with credit to spare?

by lanterne_r0uge   March 27, 2011  

Why do I get a warning on the "pick your team" page that i'm over budget when I still have credit left? I thought the restriction of 175 was just applicable to the first round. I now have 178.9 total but if I go above 175 I get a warning telling me to sell a rider. I don't see the point in having more credit than you are allowed to use.
I'm not the brightest so I may be missing something? Thinking

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Dave's fault Smile

shouldn't say that now

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7850 posts]
27th March 2011 - 22:05


That was quick! Great stuff, thanks.

posted by lanterne_r0uge [4 posts]
27th March 2011 - 22:17