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by MattFr   March 25, 2011  

I'm currently looking for a new home insurance provider, who will cover my bikes under the contents. Maybe I'm having a bit of wishful thinking here but ideally it would cover them while I was racing too. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Co-operative Insurance cover bikes (and replaced my Gary Fisher when it was stolen from the back garden). I don't know about cover away from home or when racing.

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posted by t1mmyb [87 posts]
25th March 2011 - 13:57


Try M&S, they were very good about covering my bikes in and away from home at no extra cost (no need to as they cover any un-named items up to £4000). Dunno about racing though but you could ask.

posted by Dr_Death [32 posts]
25th March 2011 - 14:14


Nationwide covered my bikes up to £2k a pop without any extra premium. And they paid up when i had two nicked out of the shed. technically they're covered when i'm out and about (so long as they're locked) but i've not had cause to test that...

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7836 posts]
25th March 2011 - 15:40


GreenBee (John Lewis insurance), covers personal possession single items up to 5k , for loss or damage, anywhere in the world. This includes bikes.

Obviously speak to someone to check but this is what I've got.

Hope this helps, Mark.

posted by GreenMark [104 posts]
25th March 2011 - 15:43