Currently have a trailer for our two girls (9 months and 2.5 years), and am looking to get one - possibly both - seated on the bike, Dutch-stylee.

Can any recommend seats for either front or back? Back is the main one, not just because I don't have a straight tube tube, which I'm sure makes front trickier anyway.

I've heard talk about Hamax from friends of the missus, but have yet to find anything which really stands out obviously, so any advice or tips are appreciated.

Tips like, for example: "You'll need to get a stand at the same time", since I can't be sure there'll always be a suitable wall to lean against!




othello [404 posts] 7 years ago

You really want one of these http://www.wiggle.co.uk/co-pilot-limo-child-seat/

We had two (sold unfortunately or I would offer them to you!) for our two children and they are the best you can get.

They come with a Blackburn aluminium rack and the seatch clips onto that. It makes the support under the seat rock solid. I've seen people riding with seats that suspend off an arm and the amount of flex is scary! Take the seat off and the bike looks 'normal' and you have a top-notch Blackburn rack left.

The seats also recline, and both our two children used to fall asleep on long rides!  4

Seriously recommended and they resale on ebay really well, so the initial investment is worth it.

Littlehuan [46 posts] 7 years ago

Don't know about the front, but I love my Hamax rack mounted rear seat. Strong, good value and best of all the rack is super strong so when I swap the child for tents or shopping, I've got a great base.