I am considering splashing out on the2011 S-Works Tarmac SL3. Does any fellow forum member ride this thing of beauty? If so, thoughts, feedback, suggestions for the rest of the build etc etc.....


cborrman [88 posts] 6 years ago

oh yes, have a 2009 with kysirium SL's and mix of red/force groupset.

its a little on the stiff side, but kysiriums with road tubeless play well to this making it super stiff at low speed, but with hutchison tubeless tyes, very sure footed and compliant at speed. tubs will be the same but if you love rock-hard 120psi clinchers this bike may not be for you, and you may want something smoother.

sram's brute braking force and snappy upchanges in a sprint using just your knuckle goes very well with the bike as well.

I have not yet found a good position with aerobars, but have proceeded down the bodyfit route of getting a better fit on the drops, by putting saddle high and back, and then using stem and bar to get aero which is very aero indeed. putting weight forward on this bike makes it feel less stable in the corners at speed where it excels in a road position (not tri prosition) - and I think has been picked up on with the venge.

in short - love it!

step-hent [726 posts] 6 years ago

I had the 2010 Tarmac SL3, which I understand was the same frame but different paint job. I built it up with Ultegra 6700 and Dura Ace CL24 tubeless wheels. It was a fabulous ride - stiff, fast and pin sharp handling. As cborrman says, the tubeless tires run at a slightly lower pressure just take the edge off the bumps as does the carbon S-Works seatpost, and it was comfortable enough for a couple of 200k audaxes on average UK roads. But it was meant for motoring along rather than comfy cruising - a bike that makes you want to ride it faster than your lungs are entirely happy with  4

Sadly mine was nicked  20 I replaced it with a fantastic Cervelo R3SL, which has a similar ride feel, though is a little more compliant at the rear.

In short, you wont go far wrong with it if you want something to go fast!