And tonight I have been mostly packing. And changing tyres to more cobble friendly 25mm.

Looking forward to the 140km sportif on Saturday (though not the 7am start) and watching the pro's on Sunday.

Friday afternoon will find me quaffing champagne on the Eurostar.....

Hope to complete in about 5.5 hours. weather forecast os good.

Seem to recall 'ourmaninthenorth' is entered in this also.


dave atkinson [6330 posts] 8 years ago

You boys make sure you take lots of photos and write us a nice report  1

who knows, it might even kick start the features section we've been saying we'll start for as long as the site's been running!

ourmaninthenorth [81 posts] 8 years ago

I'll be there.

Well remembered, Blackhound.

I have just finished packing, and am now off to reassmble my bike (you may have noticed I had a wheel "incident" on Sunday). I also need to transfer my Polar speed sensor (must remember to pack my HRM..!).

Then, after bike fettling, I have another couple of hours' work to do before spending tomorrow morning in the office and then off to Hull for the ferry.

Hardly ideal preparation. But it does entitle me to paraphrase the Beastie Boys: No. Sleep. Till. Belgium..!

Look out for the two Manchester Wheelers. I'll be the one puffing.

EDIT: will do, Dave.

DaSy [767 posts] 8 years ago

Good luck guys, I'm properly jealous.

My Alps trip in June uses up all available overseas cycling tokens from 'er indoors...