So the US sec of transportation Ray LaHood is a cyclist – interesting. He could do with doing up the strap on his lid tho – not much point in wearing it otherwise: My message to the 2011 National Bike Summit: "We have work to do" Last night, it was a great honor to keynote the opening dinner of the 2011 National Bike Summit. I have to say it was a relief to be at a podium to address the group this year, because it meant I didn't have to climb on the furniture to make myself heard. That's not to say I wasn't overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of cycling advocates from across the country. The room was fully charged with the energy of 800 people who are ready to meet with their legislators and let them know that bicycling has an important role to play in America's transportation mix. http://fastlane.dot.gov/2011/03/my-message-to-the-2011-national-bike-sum...


jameso [3 posts] 7 years ago

good to see that, thanks