Just discovered a small crack in the headtube of my PlanetX Sportive Ti  20

Now it needs to go back to them and probably off to Lynksey in the US to be repaired. That now means I need to look for a replacement frame to keep me going while I wait for it to come back, especially as I'm doing the hampshire hill hundred and etape caledonia (thanks road.cc for that) in a month and a half.

Anyone got any good recommendations for an off the peg frame for sportives? I'm a fairly chunky guy, so need something that won't flex too much when I put the power down, but is comfortable enough for a 6hr+ ride. Budget of about £1000

Not much to ask really  3


Fringe [1047 posts] 6 years ago

blimey, for a grand you've got plenty of options.. ribble/planet x etc do carbon 'sportive' frame for under £500 save the other 500 for something else (wheeels?) job done.

personally i would go for an enigma 'eclipse' if i had a grand, or a mercian, or a argon 18, or etc etc etc  4