Best summer tyre?

by Kinetic   March 9, 2011  

Hi all, as a beginner to road riding I am looking for some tyres which have good grip in the summer weather, what tyres would you recommend? Preferably 28c front 25c rear. Thinking

Thanks in advance.


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Conti Gp4000s. Fit and forget. Light, great traction and resilient to 90% of punctures!

If puncture's really get you down, look at the gatorskins.

A lot will probably say michelin pro race, although I've never tried any. Always used conti's myself.

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9th March 2011 - 20:36


Kinetic wrote:
Preferably 28c front 25c rear.

Why? If anything it's usually the other way around. I think Schwalbe do Ultremos in 28mm. After far too much online research I'd say the main lightweight tyres to consider are:
- Michelin Pro 3
- Ultremo
Of these the Pro 3 appeared to have the fewest unhappy customers. Not exactly scientific, I know.

Good tyres with better puncture protection and not much heavier than the above:
- Krylion Carbon
- Durano
- Rubino Pro

Michelin and Schwalbe produce comparison tables that might help you:

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9th March 2011 - 21:37

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Thanks, I had Durano in mind so I'll go for those. Smile


Giant Defy 4 2011

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9th March 2011 - 23:17


Wider in the front and narrower in the rear gives better handling and more comfort for the hands.

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10th March 2011 - 7:59


is that so? I've never thought of that - and would often put 23mm front, 25mm rear. Would it also be more stable, the way you describe?

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No further comments please.

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Raleigh wrote:
No further comments please.

ah, why not?


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Why d'you think?

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GP4000s are probably the best all round tire you can get.

In your configuration the best way to go would probably be Ultremo ZX 28mm on front and GP4000s 25mm on rear.

Ultermo ZX are quite light weight and are not as puncture resistant when on the rear as GP4000s, but I find all very lightweight tires are can be used on front without problem - had about a few thousand KMs from a 25mm ZX on front with only a couple of punctures.

If you wanna stick to 25MM - you can get 2xGP4000s from Rose bikes fro about £48 with a facebook voucher.

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25th August 2012 - 17:39

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In the last 18 months, I've used Ultremo ZX F&R in 25/25, 25/28 and 28/28 and have had nothing but great experiences, (and no punctures).

I'm currently riding Ultremo ZX 25mm rear and Ultremo R1 25mm (got an amazing deal)front. These tyres have covered over 1800k, all conditions and road types with no issues. I'm a definite Schwalbe fan now.

I have found limited power and handling improvements in using wider rear tyres, but I would be doubtful of noticing any significant handling or comfort improvement from using a 28 at the front and a 25 at the rear,in fact I think it would make the front end feel detached and less responsive... something I DID notice when riding 28/28.

I'm a heavier rider at over 90kg, so it may be different for the flyweights out there.

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25th August 2012 - 18:42


I agree that Gp4000s are a great 3 season tyre, I have them on two pairs of wheels.

But if you really want something special for your best summer wheels try a pair of Velofex pave or master and key point partner them with latex tubes. These realy zing, a bit like old style clement tubs strada66/crits tubs. i've lost count of the number people who have asked if they are tubs.

I used them on the 'Ride with Brad' event last week and they where fine, even on the err farm tracks used for the last 10km. Reckon I've put well over 1000mile on them since May and so far (dare I type this) no punctures, I did pick up the odd cut from last week.

Ok going latex means you need to re-pressurise once a week, but the ride, feel & zip is worth that little effort

As you mentioned 25/28mm, and Veloflex are more like 23 .... Clement Strada LLG 25c are also getting good feedback in my LBS, but they have the nasty black sidewalls that unfortunately is common these days. (I prefer the old school look)

oh when is/was summer?

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Conti gp4000's no question

big mick

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I went out looking for the Pro Race 3s in 25c width when they decided to discontinue them and everyone put them on clearance sale. Unfortunately, they were all gone in the blink of an eye. The Pro Optimum was supposedly similar, so that's what I ended up with. Smooth and grippy--pretty light too.

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27th August 2012 - 18:43