I am about to embark on a long bike ride across Spain and would like to know what essentials I will need to pack. I shall be staying in hostels. Any advice would be great.


Barry Fry-up [188 posts] 9 years ago

Sounds great - what's your route?

I've a friend who swears by dental floss. you can bind broken bits of your bike together with it, mend clothes (and shoes) with it and even floss your teeth with it if you have any left...

Things I always pack on a tour include:
* a couple of jubilee clips and a bit of metal rod
* some araldite
* a selection of bolts
* a bit of plastic cut from a 4pt milk carton for a trye boot

all the normal stuff like puncture kits and tools too, but the worst thing that can happen is that your bike breaks and you can't bodge it!

Blackhound [461 posts] 9 years ago

Zip ties - 101 uses and take up little space or weight.
Maybe a lightweight tyre, just in case.

BananaDrama [35 posts] 9 years ago

I am planning to cycle from Pamplona to Santiago which is about 700km. I want to keep my bike as light as possible and carry the least amount of kit.
Cheers for the list of bodge it essentials!

dave atkinson [6357 posts] 9 years ago

sounds cracking, i'm reet jealous. travelling light isn't easy though! the mistake i always make is packing too many clothes. if you're staying in hostels then you'll have access to washing facilities, so pare down the clothing to the bare minimum. pack shoes (eg Lake IO sandals) that you can wear on and off the bike, and that dry quickly. and a cheap pair of slippers for indoors, they pack down small.