For what it's worth I thought I'd share my Sunday morning cycle experience with the community.

On my local training loop cycling southbound from Southwick to Portsmouth going up Portsdown Hill on the B2177, I was shot in the head with a paintball from a car travelling in the opposite direction!!!

At first I thought it was bird poo or some other road debri that had flicked up from somewhere. I realised it was a paintball when i cleared away the the blue paint and broken shell casing from the side of my head. I have played paintball before so recognise it form that. The paintball hit me in the temple but luckily it hit my chin strap which took the impact, so apart from being a bit sore there am OK.

An inch to the left and it would of hit my eye. I was wearing cycling sun glasses. Not sure they're designed to withstand a paintball direct hit though.

I reported the incident to the police almost immediately, more from the perspective of potentially helping the police piece together the suspects movements if this was to be part of a spree rather than the hope the police would catch them - I did not get the reg there is not much to go on. When hit I was more focused on getting up the hill and by the time I realised what had happened the car was long gone. All I noticed it was metallic green possibly a hatchback.

In fairness to the police I got a call back on Sunday afternoon from a Detective Sergeant from the local CID. Fortunately at the time there were no other incidents, however without any other incidents they cant investigate further as just nothing to go on. They also had traffic police patrol the area.

A bit shaken up I decided to continue my ride. Wasn't going to let these b*****ds ruin my day!

Whether they had a thing against cyclists or just generally anyone they didn't like the look of - who can say. Just goes and show, what a bunch of pychos are out there using the roads.....


mr-andrew [300 posts] 6 years ago

Mis read the 1st part and thought your regular training was loop was Southwark to Portsmouth! Momentarily felt very inadequate

John_the_Monkey [438 posts] 6 years ago

Oddly, someone on cycle-chat was digging an air gun pellet out of their magic hat yesterday. There's a lot of it about, evidently.

Simon_MacMichael [2503 posts] 6 years ago

Can't print the first word that sprung into my head regarding whoever did that.

Besides the fact that at close range those things hurt - still remember the bruises and welts I got from a paintball trip* even through clothing - thank heavens it didn't cause you to swerve or crash.

* As an aside, this was back in my TA days and someone in the platoon booked it up so we could have fun in the woods without having to worry about weapons safety, people with stripes on their arms being shouty, etc. The company that ran it** had booked us (under private name, not unit) on the same day as a corporate group, oil company I think. For the morning session, it was us against them. We turned up in full kit, no need for the overalls, and it was like shooting fish in a barrel. In the afternoon, they mixed the teams up 50-50. Happy days.

** One of the organisers was ex-member of legendary punkabilly band The Meteors, which seemed a bit random.