So its fairly common knowledge that prior to strenuous exercise and post we should be stretching and flexing our bodies to help avoid injury, but are there any specific to cycling that you guys do?

I'm relatively new to road biking, and having my feet clipped into pedals still feels a bit odd as opposed to offroad where my sneakers float around on spikey pedals that alone weigh about half the total weight of my road bike... I digress, apologies.

I'd be interested to hear what you guys find helps most, be in yoga, hot yoga, pilates, even tantric se...hmm, I'll leave that to Gordon Sumner for the time being.

Anyway, let your routines pour forth!


DaSy [813 posts] 9 years ago

Gandberg, there are some stretches that have really helped my iffy back that Cycling Weekly featured a while back called egoscue,

If you Google cycling weekly and egoscue you can find the article in a pdf on the cycling weekly site. It really has worked wonders for me.

Actually here is the link to it -