Morning All, Not sure if this is the right place to put a post up but here goes anyways:- I witnessed an accident this morning outside Buckingham Palace - when a lorry hit / run over a cyclists bike and then didnt stop.

I stopped to help the cyclist (not hurt thankfully) and we exchanged details. However, when I arrived at work, I realised that we had swapped our own details instead of each others (if that makes sense?).

Anyways, Ian, if you see this please contact me at stuartcrook [at] hotmail.com.

Thanks Stuart

PS. Im hoping Ian is a Road CC'r


sc129806 [44 posts] 7 years ago

I reported this to the police within 24 hours via the self reporting form. Got a reply yesterday advising that as neither the lorry driver or other cyclist (Ian) had reported this to the police there is nothing further they can do. (Im surprised Ian hasnt reported this as his bike was most probably written off but the Police cant match my report with anybody elses for the same date and time)  2

As I have a helmet camera and recorded some of the incident is there anything else I can do to make sure the driver is warned of his actions? Obviously it would be nice if I could help Ian but its looking unlikely now as he hasnt contacted me yet.

timlennon [210 posts] 7 years ago

This isn't Manchester, I don't think the Met do much with helmetcam footage ... (sighs)