Sweaty Iphone worries

by phax71   March 2, 2011  

Hello all,

Here's one for ya's..

When out riding, I place my Iphone in a material pouch along with a debit card and place in my jersey pocket (as I guess most of us do).

Anyway, I'm beginning to get worried about the amount of sweat and condensation on the phone when I return from my ride and am convinced it can't be doing the phone any good.

Other than buying a hard case type wallet or attempting to place phone in saddlebag (no room as I only use a minibag for tubes/levers) ... does anyone have any tips on how to avoid this?


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When I bought some new cycling gloves they came in one of those re-sealable plastic bags which has proved very useful for keeping my phone dry!

Personally though I prefer to keep valuables in my saddle bag. Have an Altura speed - plenty of room.

posted by Jonty79 [29 posts]
2nd March 2011 - 10:57



Surely a plastic type bag would generate far more moisture though??

I'll give it a try this afternoon on a little loop I have planned.

Me, Myself and I

posted by phax71 [325 posts]
2nd March 2011 - 11:00


Resealable sandwich bags. As long as things are dry when they go in you get no moisture build up. Also rain proof.

posted by Ramaye [25 posts]
2nd March 2011 - 11:06


I wrecked my phone in a "waterproof" jacket once. Rain had got in the pocket somehow and the waterproofing created a pool that soaked it completely.Since then I pop mine in a sandwich bag, which has withstood pretty much everything so far. Seems to keep condensation out when it is in my rear pocket as well.

posted by MrsK [40 posts]
2nd March 2011 - 11:07


I use a zip lock bag too and while it does generate more moisture, it's all on the outside of the bag. I've also reinforced the bag with duct tape.

posted by adscrim [135 posts]
2nd March 2011 - 11:11


A ziploc bag it is by the look of things ..

I'll have a rumage in the kitchen , see whats available for todays ride ..


Me, Myself and I

posted by phax71 [325 posts]
2nd March 2011 - 11:40


I use the Haglofs Watatait case. It is very thin and fully waterproof and you can still use the phone whilst it's inside. It costs about £11 from a good outdoor retailer.

posted by jayme [122 posts]
2nd March 2011 - 12:48


Well, we have results ...

Just been and done a little 20 mile loop using the Ziploc sandwich bag suggested here .... and would ya Adam n Eve it??

Fantastico and mucho cheapo ... save ya cash and raid the wifey's kitchen lads, sandwich bags are the way forward.

Cheers to all who suggested them!

Me, Myself and I

posted by phax71 [325 posts]
3rd March 2011 - 18:53


This was a worry for me too. I’ve had the sensor things they put in the phones go red on my old Sony Ericsson phone…and that was inside a sealed plastic food bag: do be aware Surprise

To solve the issue once and for all, I bought a Beachbuoy, and it’s brilliant. Certified down to 5 metres (not even the UK rains that badly!). http://www.proporta.com/F02/PPF02P05.php?t_id=4154&t_mode=des

They’re only about a tenner, so well worth it.

posted by low-fi [30 posts]
6th March 2011 - 14:53