I bought a training wheel based on Rigida rim, a Shimano RM30 (8s) hub and Shimano 105 (5700) cassette.

Tried to fit the new wheel, but it simply wouldn't go on - catches badly on the lock nut. To make things even more complicated, it appears that the hub is designed for an 8speed cassette. Is it likely that the hub has a spacer still attached, thus explaining why the frame is catching on the locknut?

I took it back to the shop where I bought it from and they said it should go on if I 'pull hard on the frame'. I didn't quite like the sound of that and besides, it sounds like a lot of bother too!

Even though it will take a quick release skewer, the ends of the axle are threaded, whereas there are no threads on my Fulcrum 7s. Sorry if this sounds like a newbie asking stupid questions, but since the threaded ends will be sitting inside the dropouts, will I damage the dropouts?

I appreciate any and all advice!


mr_fox [53 posts] 6 years ago

They have sold you a wheel designed for a hybrid / cross bike with a 135mm dropout width, rather than a road 130mm dropout width (rm30 is listed under Altus in shimano tech documents and is available in 7 or 8 speed but is 135mm from outside of nut to outside of nut (OLD)in either case)

Threaded ends wont make a difference, but unless you are happy "spreading your frame", then i would return wheel to shop and personally, would find another shop who know their stuff.

Mooman16 [25 posts] 6 years ago

Many thanks for the very informative response. I only paid £50 for the entire wheel including the brand new 105 (5700) cassette. So per your advice, the best thing is to simply go somewhere else. I'm learning fast!

I'm looking at either buying a Shimano RS500 rear for the turbo or going all out and buying a set of Fulcrum 5s as my main set of wheels. This means I could use the current Fulcrum 7 set for training/turbo use.

Once again, many thanks for your help.