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by craa22uk   February 25, 2011  


I'm building up a Spec tri-cross frame to be my first roadbike. You may be saying it's not even a roadbike at this point but I've not ever had a road bike before so i wanted this to be a comfy frame i could work on getting used to. I do a few triathlons through the summer and decided to get this frame as the slicked-up 8 speed mtb was not really cutting it.

So, i have got some drop bars, shifters and a stem to fit on and wondered what the tips are for setting up he cockpit? From past experience i like being on the hoods but want to make sure i'm doing it right to encourage me to drop down onto the lowers when bombing downhill etc.

Any thoughts gratefully received.

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Bike set up is a personal thing; if it's comfortable and safe, then it's right. There are some rules of thumb, though.

Tilt the bars so that the flat part at the bottom points up at a gentle 5-10 degrees angle towards the bend.

To position the levers, hold a ruler against the underside of the bottom of the bars and lower the levers until they touch the ruler. Twist the levers to point straight ahead.

For stem length, sitting on the bike with hands on the hoods, the handle bar should obscure sight of the front hub. If the hub's in front of the bar, the stem's too short.

Adjust things until you're comfortable, fit the cables, tape the bars and off you go!.


posted by robert.brady [159 posts]
25th February 2011 - 16:36

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Should also add, make sure you're saddle position is correct before you start. You shouldn't really use the saddle fore/aft adjustment to compensate for being too stretched or too cramped.


posted by robert.brady [159 posts]
25th February 2011 - 16:44

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great stuff - thanks

let the fettling begin!

posted by craa22uk [7 posts]
25th February 2011 - 17:45

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also try youtube - search for 'road bike setup'

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25th February 2011 - 18:07

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