Somebody posted a question on Bike Radar recently about this event and as the organizer I wanted to answer but of course the forum is down at the moment. I'm posting it on here hoping the OPer from BR will see it. I've sent him a PM but of course don't know if he received it.

Before I start if anyone has anything negative or derogatory to say about me or my events, especially if you don't know me, you are too late, that has already been done adequately on Bike Radar by another organizer.

The question basically was 'The event list is currently quite low, I'm worried about entering in case it is cancelled'.

The Leics SuperTour entries are a bit low but there is plenty of time so I'm not too worried at the moment. I'm hoping that some of the riders from the Rutland and Lincoln events will enjoy them enough to enter the Super Tour. It does coincide with a few big events but its hard to find a weekend at that time of year that doesn't. Plenty of marketing to do yet as well.

This event will not be cancelled under any circumstances, even if the entry in the first year is low and the event makes a loss. Both myself and Hope Against Cancer are committed to establishing the event over several years.

I intend to build it up over time as I think the routes are fantastic and will surprise people. Leics may not be a county people automatically head to for cycling, but I've put a lot of work into designing the routes and I'm confident that those who do enter will enjoy themselves. More details here http://www.itpevents.co.uk/events/the-hope-against-cancer-leicestershire...

Hope Against Cancer are a small but growing local charity who really need exposure and the reason we are working together on this event is that a friend of mine in Velo Club Rutland suffers from chronic blood cancer and receives vital help from them. See www.hfcr.org for more info on Hope's work.

Thanks for reading

Ian Penrose


dave atkinson [6349 posts] 7 years ago

I've added the event to our calendar.

Ian P [5 posts] 7 years ago

Thanks Dave, hope to see you there.