have a pair of tickets to the racing at manchester next weekend.

UCI Track Cycling World Cup Classics 2011 - Finals
Manchester Velodrome, Manchester
Sat 19 Feb 2011, 19:00

These were bought via the BC members offer, with a face value of £20 per ticket.

Seating is excellent as I bought tickets 60sec after went on sale see below:

Section BK N
Row A
Seats 10 - 9

the velodrome has a seating plan but these are front row middle of the straight so you can see all the action perfectly.

Reason for not using the tickets is a business trip has been extended and I'll not be home in time to drive to manchester ( i live in london) in time. (bloody work)

I'm after the face value as this is already less than rrp due to the membership discount and the event is sold out. Ace tickets at regular money.

I have the tickets via ticket masters Fast Ticket, which is basically print your own, so payment via paypal and I'll email the ticket pdf, along with my BC details and membership number so you can see it's all above board.



stu [at] bbephoto.co.uk