I have recently restricted myself to a single 12litre pannier for general riding duties upon discovering my 20litre expedition model had become host to the following:

Kryptonite New York Chain and Evo Disc Lock, Squire U lock,spare base layer, long sleeved jersey, tights, spare tubes, multi tool, speed lever, folding tyre, pedal wrench, mini pump, tyre gauge, patch kit, wet lube, cake/wrappers topped off with a bevy of plastic aliens belonging to my son who insists they must accompany us on every tag-along outing!

Fantastic for resistance training and I positively fly aboard my road mounts… Anyone else care to name and shame the contents of their pannier/saddlebag/trailer?


VecchioJo [411 posts] 9 years ago

my Timbuk2 is worse than a womans handbag, it's heavy with grubble before i've even put anything needy in

2 sketchbooks, a camera, a handful of pens/pencils and a PrittStick, drivers license, my sisters front-door key, a watch that stopped two years ago, mini-pump, allen-key multi-tool, inner-tube, a Buff, Rapha cap, Kona beanie, 2 cheque books and a paying-in book, 2 tyre levers, 1 American cent coin, glasses case, 4 safety-pins, a plastic-bag, three sachets of sugar stolen from coffee-shops, 1 flat-head allen bolt (bottle-cage size), a little tin of French menthol sweets, the plastic bit off the end of a firework (now binned), a confetti of receipts and pieces of paper with useful things written on

dave atkinson [6357 posts] 9 years ago

got tidied yesterday. one front light, two rear. six tyre levers (i don't know), allen key tool, chain tool, puncture kit, spoke key, little syringe of lube, some money bags from the bank, a hyperglide lockring tool, 3 zip ties, a usb cable, a 6xAA battery pack from my flashgun, a GPS, a section of inner tube that i use to tie my jeans back, a whole inner tube, some silicon grease for the bag's zip, a pump, my mum's mother's day card, my wallet, a pen and some receipts from france

Tony Farrelly [2929 posts] 9 years ago

 Not as full as usual but:
17in laptop+power cable,
various usb cables,
wireless dongle thingy + little aerial,
business cards, business cards from my last job, business cards from the job before that (so three years old),
bills + bank statemements all mulching down nicely, some some of which transplanted from previous back in 2006,
Eurobike lanyards 2006, 2007, 2008,
IceBike, 2007,
Fishers, 2009, (just lobbed about three years of Cycle Show ones),
BikeRadar launch party invite,
memory sticks x3,
2 dead inner tubes,
Park multi-tool,
Argon 18 brochure,
bits of silver paper.
Passport! (wondered where that was),
cheque book,
rear LED,
beanie hat,
E-cell emergency capsule,
bundle of old dvds a mate gave me to use as bird scarers on the allotment (two years ago)
Kryptonite New York lock - to keep it all safe

I've got two other bags for other occasion pre-filled with comforting levels of old crap - ready to go at a moment's notice. Organisation is the key in these matters!

As you say Shaun fabulous resitance training - especially if you've popped into Sainsburys on the way home too. Any bike feels light when I take this bad boy off - so a very cheap and effective way of giving an instant performance upgrade.

Late breaking… just found two brake blocks… no, make that three and two bottle cage bolts in the pocket that should have a rain cover in it but doesn't so I don't to there much.

John_the_Monkey [438 posts] 9 years ago

Work clothes (Tue - Thu) shirt, undershirt, underpants, socks (Mon (to work) Fri (from work) as above + trousers)
Monday's homeward journey only - 1 x Barbakan sliced rye loaf
Book for reading on the train part of the journey
1 x Specialized saddlepack (don't mount it on the bike in winter because it obscures one of my lights) containing tyre levers, topeak hexus multi-tool, Park glueless patch kit and 1 x inner tube
1 x Bagaboo accesory pack with another spare tube, dog bone spanner (for mudguard bolts on my own bike and possibly helping other cyclists) spare tyre levers and a spoke key
Pair of altura liner gloves for under my mitts if it gets cold
Spare brake pads (bought them the other day and not taken them out yet)
This month's Cyclesport (same)
dhb waterproof if rain's forecast, otherwise Montane featherlight smock
Phone bits (usb cable, headphones)
Pen, pencil
traditional (i.e. glue, patches, sandpaper etc) patch kit

stever [69 posts] 9 years ago

Errm: towel, shower gel, energy gel, honey and leek soup, tomato bread, work shirt, socks, U-lock, flashy light, montane featherlite, seat pack with puncture stuff, pump, USB stick, sports watch, t-shirt (lunchtime run), banana, chewy bar, diary, wallet, post-it pad, pens, lemsip (manky), camera, race pins, miscellaneous bric-a-brac.

dave atkinson [6357 posts] 9 years ago

you keep your seatpack in your backpack?  1

stever [69 posts] 9 years ago

Er, yeah.
I'd only take it off when I get there anyway, to de-thief the bike. Along with the lights, and the other lights and the computer and the pump...

crayons [27 posts] 9 years ago

I feel like a lightweight now, all I carry to work are some allen keys and a spanner, pump, patches, bananas and lunch, pants socks shirt and trousers, mobile, wallet and keys. and a list of things to do -all fits nicely in a camelback er Mule I think?