OK. so the search for a new set of hoops is nearing an end. Apart from the custon hand built option (probably Tune Hubs, CX Ray spokes & dt rims(not sure yet)
I am tempted by Hed Ardennes - seen to get rave reviews.
Has anyone ridden any of these - got any opinions. The general consensus in the reviews is that they are possibly some of the best clinchers & ride like wheels shod with tubs - is this a good thing? I'm a newbie-ish & have never had the pleasure.
Any advice gratefully recieved.


cactuscat [284 posts] 8 years ago

but i have been eyeing them up too as a potential next wheelset. there's a few reviews out there which seem to agree that the wider rim does make a difference to the feel of the tyres, and with the Ardennes wheelset coming in at under 1400g and conti switching to 24s from 23s because they can make them just as light, it does seem that you can get comfort and light weight these days. which is nice. there's other wheelsets which are almost as light for less though, the ryde RC1s spring to mind