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by Gregoire500   January 23, 2011  


Now that I find myself surrounded by seemingly endless urban sprawl and time is at a premium I'm after a cheap turbo to get a-training in earnest-nothing fancy but hopefully quite quiet so I don't drive the neighbours or my g/f totally insane!

Anyone have anything I'd love to hear from you-I'm in London and can pickup most days.

Much appreciated.


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We might be able to help you out there Greg

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4177 posts]
24th January 2011 - 0:45


Oh really? =)

That'd be much appreciated Tony-learning there's no such thing as a quick one hour spin round these parts! Let me know.



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posted by Gregoire500 [138 posts]
24th January 2011 - 10:40


Greg, whereabouts in London did you move to? Afraid I dont have a turbo for you, but depending on where you live and where you work you might find one of the parks worth a visit. I ride to Regents Park before work for a few laps, and many others do the same. I also used to do the same with Hyde Park. It's not countryside, but it beats the turbo monotony and you can often find people to ride with.

Also might be worth looking for a club - they'll know the best routes out of London and it's good for the motivation to know you can ride with a group rather than slogging round cold rides on your own... If you shout up with which area you're in, I'm sure someone will be able to recommend a club on your side of the city.

posted by step-hent [711 posts]
24th January 2011 - 12:23

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thanks for your kind response-I'm in Stoke Newington/Stamford Hill area at the moment and living with my rather eccentric (read totally neurotic ;/ )employer in a shed in her garden... Nice enough area but I'm looking to find my own place asap, not entirely sure where but near enough to Stoke Newington/Hackney dependant on price. Regents park doesn't look very far so might give that a bash in the meantime, a bit of local knowledge would definitely be useful in the long run so will try and find a cycle club near me too, any suggestions please let me know.

Thanks again,


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posted by Gregoire500 [138 posts]
24th January 2011 - 13:07