electirc bike convertion kit

by tired old fart   January 18, 2011  

hi everyone I was thinking of getting an electric bike convertion kit. What do people think of them? Are they worth the money? I will be towing a trailer with the bike and I have been looking at this site a lot as they seem to do some quite strong motors with their kits thanks for all your help http://www.eclipsebikes.com/motor-kits-c-73.html?osCsid=9450b61ce36c081a...

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bear in mind that the EU maximum is currently 250W and UK law states a 200W, so only one or two of the kits are actually legal right now. also, the use of a throttle (as opposed to pedelec) on electric bikes will probably be outlawed in the UK soon to fall in line with the rest of europe.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7857 posts]
18th January 2011 - 13:28


We bought one from electric bike sales and they have been terrible. Really snotty on the phone and supplied a 26' inch rim with really narrow braking surface - my bike mechanic (Great Carl at BikeLove) - had to get him to replace new wheel. Now 2 months old the charger has been playing up. So e motor good but maybe not the Sparticle one from them. Have it on a Yuba Mundo and we use it to take both girls to school (7km each way) A 45lbs bike then with luggage and kids needs the motor if you don't want to arrive all sweaty.

So shop around and maybe think about buying one of the newer bikes already fitted like Gary Fisher ...


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posted by richdirector [59 posts]
18th January 2011 - 15:20


Had a look at the link - very ugly kits but cheap I guess - here is pic of our front brushless motor hub

iphones 030.JPG
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posted by richdirector [59 posts]
18th January 2011 - 15:26