New Frame - £1K budget

by The Flying Scotsman   September 15, 2008  

So, I'm upgrading my road bike frame from my current sportive ready Roubaix to something a bit faster. Well, ideally a lot faster...

Been looking at the Cervelo Soloist Team. Anyone got an opinion or another suggestion?



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The Cervelo Soloist Team - sounds okay, although I've not ridden one. On your budget though I'd probably aspire to carbon or titanium.

Carbon options worth checking out are the Time Speeder frameset at around £850 or the Look KG451 for around £750.

Ti options? Off the top of my head, the Van Nicholas Zephyr at around £800, but the one that really would appeal if it was my money is the new Planet X Ti Pro Road - looks the dog's accoutrements and you'd still have a pound of your budget left over for an energy bar, or possibly a nice cake.

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
15th September 2008 - 11:47


I have looked at the Planet-X ti frame. I do wonder if the hype (well, the one glowing review) is justified... It is tempting but it's £999 for frame only, once you add on fork and what not it's £1200 at least.

posted by The Flying Scotsman [14 posts]
15th September 2008 - 16:18


how's about a new Pedal Force RS2? it's only $800 and looks like a peach of a frame for the money. you'd probably have to get it sent over and pay duty though, but even then it'd probably only be about £600 all in

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posted by purplecup [233 posts]
15th September 2008 - 16:53


... My anodised black Soloist Team arrives tomorrow! A shame that Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op have sold out as £700 was a bargain for such a LUSH frame! The new S1 (2009 Soloist Team) isn't quite as pretty IMO...

What size are you? Got a Ti frame for sale at the mo for a lot less than your budget! It's an Omega Enigma, size 56cm with a 55cm top tube and a 14.5cm head tube - it's genuinely LOVELY but I need something bigger Surprise(

Drop me a line if you're interested: richard DOT gearing AT mac DOT com

P.S. I think you bought an SS wheel off me a little while back from STW??

posted by Slim [12 posts]
15th September 2008 - 20:10


If your Omega ti was 6cm bigger I'd be interested!

I am sorely tempted by the Cervelo, reading the (admittedly bias) Cervelo owners forum does nothing but whet the appetite.

Don't think it was me who bought your wheel, though I do lurk around on STW.

posted by The Flying Scotsman [14 posts]
15th September 2008 - 23:18


I'd certainly consider the ti planet x - the build they tested in 220 tri came in at about £2k with full dura-ace I think.

Personally, the soloist looks nice, but I would probably go for carbon or ti at that price point. The Time frames as have been mentioned are worth a look. You could well be in luck too given that we're near the 2009 range switch, so some identical frames with a changed colour scheme may be quite a bit cheaper.

Plus I've heard varying things about the soloist, the primary one being that it feels too stiff. Other ones to consider might be the Dedaccia frames - they'll be quality as they're often rebranded and sold for more by other companies.

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17th September 2008 - 10:21


I think the Pro0Lite Galileo would be a good frame to look at at that price range.
£999 It is Full Carbon Mono built and comes in a vast range of sizes.

The weight is 1046 grams.

please look on their website

posted by Barry Parker [2 posts]
19th September 2008 - 16:44


My mate bought an unbranded Sumo carbon frame & fork off an ebay shop for about £500. Made by Dedaccai and this importer sells them onto to Ribble & Dolan for starters who paint and sticker them up. Looks nice and his is close to the UCI minimum weight limit. He has got a bit of Record and Corima tubs on it though.

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posted by Blackhound [466 posts]
19th September 2008 - 22:22



Ended up getting a Soloist Team for £500, spent the rest of the budget on a new ultegra SL groupset and some bling carbon bars. Happy days!

posted by The Flying Scotsman [14 posts]
23rd September 2008 - 9:24


I'd take a look at Pedal Force too. very good value for money.

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posted by jay cee [17 posts]
13th October 2008 - 13:46