I have recently gotten myself a set of rollers. I prefer the challenge and need to stay focused that turbos don't have. They are great fun.
The thing is I amn't totally sure what to do on them to best increase fitness.

I'm also assuming that my souplesse and overall technique will improve regardless of workout - that simply staying upright and smooth will do this.
Any advice?


antonio [1168 posts] 7 years ago

So many options with rollers but try programmes that vary, good warm up then thirty minutes at eighty five % of max followed by a good roll down. Try five minutes at twenty seconds spinning, ten seconds easy, forget those who say rollers are too easy, this one will get you in a lather, ten minutes easy then another five minutes if you feel like it. Variation is key, be inventive and look to find repeatable excercises that show improvements. Get a fan, a big one. Enjoy.

aworthycause [29 posts] 7 years ago

Thanks Antonio. I have painful swollen immobile legs now. Love it!
I agree - rollers are fun and give a good workout, am so glad I chose them over a turbo.