You may be interested in a new website that enables people to comment on cycle parking in their area. By visiting www.ParkThatBike.info people can identify places where cycle parking is needed, report existing cycle parking that is damaged or vandalised, and flag up wheel-benders, slotted slabs, and other horror stories.

The site uses Google mapping and satellite views to let users mark the location precisely. People can comment on cycle parking both on-highway, in public spaces, and at key destinations such as railway stations, leisure centres, libraries, surgeries, etc.

We collate all the comments and suggestions and submit detailed reports to the relevant local authority. At a time of spending cuts when budgets are under pressure it’s important that councils spend their money wisely, and that infrastructure is installed where there is a clear demand.

Visit www.ParkThatBike.info and get better bike parking in your area!

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dave atkinson [6371 posts] 7 years ago

not often an entire forest comments on road.cc. and one of my fave forests at that.