Garmin SRM compatibility?

by Old Cranky   December 9, 2010  

I read that the Garmin-Transitions-Cervelo team will be using Rotor cranks for 2011 with the suggestion that Powertap will be dropped in favour of SRM.

I thought that Powertap used ANT+ to interface with Garmin but wasn't aware that SRM had similar.

I wonder if Garmin will expedite the development of Metrigear pedals or whether the pro team will have to resort to using a Garmin and separate power meter.

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sure they do, at least in Dura Ace. don't know about Rotor:

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7444 posts]
9th December 2010 - 22:56


Garmin pioneered the ANT+ wireless protocol and this has been adopted by many other manufacturers. Any ANT+ enabled powermeters will communicate with any ANT+ computer. SRM, Powertap and Quarq can be used with SRM, Select Garmin, CycleOps Joule computers.
SRM powermeters are compatible with Rotor cranks and Q-Rings.

posted by DogmaDude [7 posts]
17th December 2010 - 23:13