Extra long tights for taller riders

by wallywingnut   November 16, 2010  

Finding it more than difficult to find tights long enough for a chap with a 34 inch inside leg. Every body seems to market large and extra larger which of course relates levels of obesity to leg length. I'm not sure that this a correct correlation. So mail order purchases become a bit difficult as even the ones that flap in the breeze and make your mates laugh are not long enough. Having done some Google-isation I can see that the United States have got long tights covered. What are people with a traditional 60cm or large frame size wearing? Please help as tights that don't reach down to your overshoes are causing club mates to laugh to much.

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dhb work for me.

In their Roubaix (Merston) tights, I take an XL (6'2", 12 ish stone, 34 inside leg). Caveat is that I only use 3/4 bibs, so don't know what the full length tights are like for length.

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posted by John_the_Monkey [427 posts]
17th November 2010 - 10:52


I'm a girl but I am a size 8 with 32" inside leg and have really struggled to get tights with a small waist and long inside leg. I the end I found that Gore ones came up really long in the leg - not sure if the men's ones will do the same but they were certainly the longest of the ladies ones I tried.

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posted by kubed [9 posts]
17th November 2010 - 11:06


I'm exactly the same height/weight as John the Monkey (spooky) and I would echo his dhb comment to the letter (ie I've never used their tights, just 3/4 but they fit ok - although not as comfy as Gore).

I do have long tights as well - a positively ancient pair by Asender, which fit just fine. No idea where you might get some though. Mine are probably 15 years old.

Aha! just remembered that a riding buddy of mine who's at least two inches taller than me wears Endura tights and says they fit just fine. Although I suppose he's also quite a bit chunkier than me (15 stone+) so there might be some spare room at the top...

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posted by Martin Thomas [620 posts]
17th November 2010 - 11:46


I found Castelli's tights to be the best fit for long, skinny blokes. I think I got an L (6'1", 35" waist). Either way, the fit's perfect

posted by stereojet [134 posts]
17th November 2010 - 11:51


I got a pair from Aldi last month ( 26-28inch waist) and were amazed that they were almost too long for my 6 foot 3 frame !!!!

posted by heliphil [60 posts]
17th November 2010 - 12:13