Coming back to training after 18 months out injured I am in need of some new gear and would like to know a bit more about compression wear, who has used it and what do you think?

More importantly how do you use it? I've heard about it being used for recovery and for performance and have seen guys "lounging" in it. Do you have some for training and then stick some tights etc on for recovery, sit around in your smelly kit for a few hours after riding, or ride in your normal kit and then put some on to help you recover. Sorry if this all seems a little obvious.

Thanks in advance.


James Warrener [1086 posts] 7 years ago

I quite like mine for after ride wear (although I have Crane Sports stuff from Aldi and Domyos from Decathlon, you can get their stuff online now www.decathlon.co.uk ) .

Not sure it does much for the muscles but it keeps you warm and comfortable so it does what I need.

ilovemytinbred [161 posts] 7 years ago

I use 2xu elite tights and their socks after a rides and runs. If I ride in the morning I wear it under my work clothes  13 I ride, drink recovery drink, stretch and then put on the compression stuff- so about 45 mins after the end of a ride.
I prefer the elite version its a bit more snug than the normal one. I really think it helps (a bit) although I could be imagining it.

I have thought about buying the bib tights for during a ride but its a bit rich for my blood. I think the skins ones are well over £200!!!