...has anyone not used an 11s chain tool?
can it be done?

or do you really have to bite the bullet and buy/borrow/beg one?

also....do you like it?

I have some but it is not built up yet  3


dave atkinson [6357 posts] 9 years ago

has a topic about this: http://weightweenies.starbike.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=49408

to summarise: yes, it can be done. no, it shouldn't be done  1

the sticking point is the different joining mechanism of the pin , which requires the back plate to be supported, which it isn't generally with a normal chain tool.

adeyho [9 posts] 9 years ago

Yep i had seen that thread too

after forking out £600 for a complete groupset i am reluctant to bodge the chain together

i am in no doubt that the Campag tool will be a beautiful thing, but funds are tight at th moment

I will more than likely have to find a bike shop with the correct tool and pay them to join my chain or bribe them with cake  3

purplecup [217 posts] 9 years ago

of the new pin? other than to make campag a big pile of cash from all the bike shops having to fork out for a new tool? is there a performance advantage?

i'm liking this offical campy statement to bike shops:

"only by using this tool is it possible to perform the riveting of the closing pin (5-CN-RE500) included. We should point out that without this riveting operation, the pin can protrude from the link, causing the automatic opening of the chain with the due consequences.

"Without wishing to wage useless psychological terrorism, we do want to give the due importance to this operation, reminding everyone of the consequences of a civil and criminal nature for those who, not having performed the assembly perfectly, may cause serious and/or irreparable harm to third parties (customers)."

if you don't use the right tool YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL DIE  1