I can think of a few 'Upgrades' for Stu...

Wipperman 10TR Ti chain discounted down to £219 @ CRC,
PoshBikes Ti Aluminium Carbonitrided Cassette a paltry £350,
Carbon Ti's Special X-Lock skewers at £140,
And a pair of Fybrelight CF chainrings at £171.

Should boost the bill by a few ££££'s  19


stufield [18 posts] 9 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions, I'd looked at the Wipperman Chain and Poshbikes Ti Cassette.

I didn't include them as the wipperman chain says its for campag and is 6.2mm wide I used mainly Dura-Ace which has 5.9mm chain width for new groupset, I'm not knowledgeable enough to know if this works efficiently with the gears so left it off.

Same with Poshbikes cassettes they only list shimano 9 speed in the descriptions and new groupsets are 10 speed? So wasn't sure

But great if they work...we're getting nearer i thought we should have been able to get to £30k?

Those skewers sound great and hadn't thought to change chainrings

I really hope that they do build it!