Stupid road bike question...

by juan   March 3, 2009  

Hello all

It's my first post so please be kind. Plus I don't really do raod bike I usually use the forum over here ======>

However to go to work I use the dark side bike. I have to put pressure in the tyres a bit too much for my liking around 2.5 bar in about 3 weeks. Is that too much? Is that acceptable?

The second question is how on bloody earth do I get the damn thing to brake...

I have changed the lever for mtb ones to have more power but still... I can't get the bike to slow down as hard as I want...

Thanks for the reply


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Hi juan. what kind of bike is it? a bit more info necessary for a detailed reply.

if you've changed the road levers for V-brake ones then you could end up having less power, not more - V-brakes pull more cable so the force at the rim is lower

as for tyres, depends what they are! 2.5bar (37psi) isn't much though. i run 25mm tyres pumped up to 100psi...

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posted by purplecup [233 posts]
3rd March 2009 - 16:27


ok bike is a (cough cough) 1997 Decathlon cobra 540.
Tyres are michelin 700x23C.

Would a picture help?

posted by juan [11 posts]
3rd March 2009 - 16:32


You need a good 100psi in those 23c's, if you find you are loosing more than 20 spi over a month, you might need some more inner tubes. Also inspect the tyre itself while deflated for glass that might have worked its way through the carcass. Common commuting headache.

As for the brakes, we just basically need to know what brakes are fitted to that machine. Shimano's newer dual pivot style calipers are normally more than powerful enough to lock road wheels up, even in the wet. Anything more powerful is unnecessary with slick 23c contact patches to work with, though road disks have other debateable advantages.

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3rd March 2009 - 18:50

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Thanks very much.
The brakes are 1997 105 the only thing I have changed is the cables (outer and inner) and the lever to go with the "cut" handlebar.

I have just put a new tyre on the bike of the rear one was dead but I couldn't find any indication of rotation is it going to be a problem?

Thanks for all you replies as for the pressure I put 7 bars (around 100psi) in the tube and loose about 2.5 kg in around a month.

Thanks again


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4th March 2009 - 10:39

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