THE SUSSEX NOMADS, OPEN INVITE CLUB RUN IS APPROACHING. So maybe you have heard of this club the Sussex Nomads ? They are a friendly bunch of cyclist who compete in Time trials, Road Races and other forms of racing. But what they do most frequently is a good Clubrun. This is a great ride for fit beginners who have bought a racing bike, and also other cyclist in other clubs or unattached to a club, everybody is welcome on this ride. There are now 2 rides one of 50 miles and one of 42 miles. Everybody starts together and then the group splits into two groups when we get to Ringmer. Starting speed will be 13 to 16 mph from Ditchling making sure nobody is left behind. At Ringmer the groups split into faster group and not so fast group. This faster group will aim to do an extra 8 miles to the tea stop and still get to the tea stop at the same time as the slower group. The slower group leaders will be making sure that the speed of the slow group is ok for all members of the slower group. Beginners are very much welcome and shouldn't be put off or be worried about their ability. We all have to start somewhere and NOBODY will get dropped. This is a social clubrun ride, The tea stop for refreshments is at Middle farm where we can chat about all things cycling and the cost of lemon drizzle cake, etc etc Smile. It is also a good place to get to know members of the Sussex Nomads and find out more about the club. The Proposed routes are shown below:- FAST GROUP ROUTE CLICK BELOW. http://www.routeyou.com/route/view/279033/cycle-route-sussex-nomads-cycl... SLOWER GROUP ROUTE CLICK BELOW http://www.routeyou.com/route/view/279549/cycle-route-sussex-nomads-cycl... if you need to know more join the Sussex Nomads forum http://sussexnomads.ning.com POCKET ROCKET 42 pocket.rocket [at] ntlworld.com http://www.sussexnomads.org.uk http://ontherivet.ning.com