What a muppet...!!

by DaSy   February 28, 2009  

I dropped my Garmin Edge 705 yesterday evening just as I was putting it back on the bike, it only fell about 2 feet, but managed to hit the leg of my turbo trainer and put a series of cracks through the LCD display!

What was worse is; I often have dreams that are very much like everyday life, but that something bad happens like my car is stolen or I get sacked from work etc, but on waking it dawns on me that it was a dream and I get a sense of relief. Well this morning I woke, and was convinced I'd dreamt that I'd broken it, imagine what a great start to the day it was when I discovered it was in fact true...

I've mailed Garmin and wait to see how much money that little clumsy episode is going to cost me...

I just needed to share...

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Wonder what they mean?

Also I have the very similar, but more mundane waking up on Saturday and momentarily thinking it is Friday or waking on Sunday and thinking it's Monday… that's a good feeling when you suddenly realise. Mind you, I also often wake up on, say, a tuesday and think it's saturday – that isn't such a good feeling when the truth suddenly hits…

Shame about your Edge though.

Darned if I do…

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1st March 2009 - 22:58

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