Does Your Other Half need to be a...Cyclist for a blissful relationship???

by Fish_n_Chips   October 18, 2010  

QA) Does your other half ride? Thinking
QB) Would you want them to ride with you? Thinking
QC) Does it matter in a relationship? Thinking

A Never Plain Face
B No (its ME time) but she has a tandem idea...with me pedalling... Sad
C No we are lovey dovey as it is. Big Grin

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Occasionally but purely for a bit of fun. She does however follow the Racing season and knows the difference between groupsets. No fobbing her off on prices.

No thank you.

No there are so many other factors.

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posted by demoff [344 posts]
19th October 2010 - 1:25

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a - occasionally, she commutes by bike when working in town.

b - I do enjoy doing the odd bristol to bath and back with my better half. Its nice that she enjoys cycling too (though not to the obsessive extent that I do)

c - Not really, its nice that she has taken time to understand what Im not about when talking bike. She came to the tour in the summer and said it was great - all good!

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posted by Jon Burrage [1081 posts]
19th October 2010 - 9:18

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a) yes, mostly for transport

b) we ride with the kids and stuff, but that's about it - enjoyable stuff though. for longer rides i prefer to be on my own or with other people who are happy to talk boring crap about bikes for hours Smile

c) nope.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7857 posts]
19th October 2010 - 10:39


a) She used to but fell off once too often and now enjoys running instead.

b) We used to go on rides together but she was always the slow one at the back. Big Grin

c) After 30 years of marriage there are more important things than sharing hobbies, or so I tell her when she asks me to come running with her.

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posted by jova54 [663 posts]
19th October 2010 - 10:53


A) Yes but slowly.

B) Short family rides only.

C) No, though that it may cause some discord when the kids get older (they ride too and she can keep up with them at the moment). Tried a tandem and it was hard work.

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posted by Simon E [2418 posts]
19th October 2010 - 10:54


A) Occasionally, e.g. part of the Bath Skyride at 7 1/2 months pregnant Smile

B) Absolutely, for family rides etc. or if we're going somewhere using the bike for transport. I don't tend to just ride for fun, and when I do it's during my lunch break at work: in a galaxy far, far away.

C) I don't think it matters, though I'd have been slightly disappointed had she not re-taken to two wheels at all when I rediscovered the joy of cycling.

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posted by t1mmyb [87 posts]
19th October 2010 - 11:00

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A) Occasionally - towpaths, the weekly ride to Slimming World!

B) Yes, although it's frustrating waiting around and trying to encourage her on the hills it's ultimately quite rewarding when she completes something significant.

C) No, but it helps that she does it occasionally and can gain some appreciation of why I enjoy disappearing off on my own for 4 or 5 hours on a weekend.

posted by Jonny7C [64 posts]
19th October 2010 - 13:08

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dave_atkinson wrote:
or with other people who are happy to talk boring crap about bikes for hours Smile

most probably the reason my wife wont go out on a bike ride with me!

anyhow, a.) yes but only short journeys
b.) not really no, she'd be moaning all the way!, too far, too fast, too many hills
c.) nah, i actually think its better to have separate 'hobbies'

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posted by Fringe [1097 posts]
19th October 2010 - 13:44


I find it interesting that the people who say its not that important have already established a healthy relationship and values. Big Grin

Its probably healthy to have lots of things in common and enough things that make you different/interesting? Thinking

I better get fitter if I'm pedalling for 2 while she steers...but I'll get a good view Devil

Where are the ladies who use this forum??? I know one who is always pestering her out of shape hubby to go riding!

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posted by Fish_n_Chips [380 posts]
19th October 2010 - 14:48

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No, no and no. Am I the first woman to post a reply? My OH gets bike-sore in a way that only men can, and doesn't like it. He does long-distance walking. I've tried that (did the Pennine Way with him) but found the pace too slow. So this year, he walked Land's End to John O'Groats (with the dog) and I cycled it (on my own). And I think that made for a much more peaceful relationship than one of us doing something we don't enjoy very much!

Cycling is something you can easily do on your own. I'm not in a club and don't go out with anyone else, so don't miss it. I can go when and where I want and at my pace (usually as fast as possible). I cycle every day of the week but where I get obsessive about bike gear my OH gets obsessive about walking gear, and when it comes to touring we have overlap - for example, I used some of his lightweight stuff on my End to End.


posted by RuthF28 [99 posts]
21st October 2010 - 22:02


how long does it take to walk LEJOG? that's a serious undertaking Thinking

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7857 posts]
21st October 2010 - 22:43


RuthF28 wrote:
No, no and no. Am I the first woman to post a reply? My OH gets bike-sore in a way that only men can, and doesn't like it.

You probably are the first lady and about time as women need to air their voice too.

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posted by Fish_n_Chips [380 posts]
22nd October 2010 - 2:55


QA) Yes, we commute to work together on our bikes (how sweet)
QB) It's more a question of whether he'd like to ride with me
QC) Works well in ours, he gets to catch up on his beauty sleep on a Sunday while I go out for a long ride.


posted by Maureeng54 [31 posts]
23rd October 2010 - 19:48


A,no. but they did when the car didnt work for a month lol
b,it was nice to do a few rides with other half, but then i missed the me time.
c,not really its nice to do things which are seperate so you can have a natter afterwards, like how was your run, they rattle on,whilst your thinking about your times and how you can improve lol.


posted by mandy [94 posts]
23rd October 2010 - 21:13


There you have it - hide the car keys to get them riding but find them when you need 'Me' time!

See guys - the women riders are very smart & sleuth on here! Wink

I like my bike but it needs a hidden 25cc motor Smile

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posted by Fish_n_Chips [380 posts]
23rd October 2010 - 23:27

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No, my wife doesn't really like riding a bike, prefering to run and Wii fit

Not really, its my training time and I like riding alone.

No, I think its important to have separate interests. saying that though my wife is very supportive when I race and appreciates how much training I have to do. most of my riding is done on the commute so I can spend most of the weekend at home with the family which keeps everyone sweet Big Grin
(she doesn't understand why i need so many bikes though and an entire wardrobe dedicated to cycling kit!!)

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posted by stuke [356 posts]
25th October 2010 - 11:17


i too have a wardrope full of cycling kit, tho my otherhalf doesnt get why i need so much kit and 3 bikes, which i cant understand why, cause they have various kit for running, they did ask again recently why i needed a new pair of shorts and i simply said because im worth it... Smile


posted by mandy [94 posts]
30th October 2010 - 10:09

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a-Yes he does ride.
b-We ride together mountain biking and road riding and enter Trail Quest events as a team of two.
c-we also ride seperately, occasionally he will do some mad ride that I don't fancy or I will go out on my own. It is important to get the balance right to do some activities together and some alone. Its always good having a beer after a ride and sharing the tricky moments. Cool

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posted by Ms Morthern Rebel [43 posts]
4th November 2010 - 17:30

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My wife commutes on her old Specialized, which has just had a much needed revamp. She doesn't compete but she's a regular rider and enjoys cycling.


posted by OldRidgeback [2586 posts]
4th November 2010 - 23:23



meh, its ok - so long as I dont hold her up or she doesnt hold me up

not vital at all


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posted by PzychotropicMac [85 posts]
5th November 2010 - 15:50


does my other half ride, hell she does, she,s out before me in a morning pounding the pedals, thru the forest, leaves me to make the breakfast. Cool

posted by etapechamp [5 posts]
23rd November 2010 - 8:05

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a: I met my other half on a ride, which is always a good way to get things started.
b: I tend to ride more without her than with, but we still enjoy the occasional ride together. We have a tandem which is great for that sort of thing, although there is always the 'why can't i go in front for a change' argument.
c: I think it makes a massive difference to our relationship. We cycle, climb and hike together, and it seems to make a massive difference.

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posted by mr-andrew [303 posts]
29th November 2010 - 12:44


QA) Does your other half ride?
QB) Would you want them to ride with you?
QC) Does it matter in a relationship?

Another woman here!

a) yup, he rides more than me
b) yes, i feel safer when he is there, although i know he doesn't always want to ride together. (sorry BigMong!)
c) we like doing physical activities together, but sometime have the issue of me holding him back. When he rides without me, I totally understand it. He is great for motivating me to be a better rider and more adventurous. Love that!

posted by LaurCar [7 posts]
3rd December 2010 - 21:31


Some great feedback here!

I like my bike but it needs a hidden 25cc motor Smile

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posted by Fish_n_Chips [380 posts]
4th December 2010 - 3:50


(a) a bit but not very confident (one very slow motion and embarrassing fall on a sideslope in Sutton Park last year)
(b) yes, but it is so slow that I keep suggesting to go to the gym or something (sorry I know that's a bit cruel, but going 5mph up a very minor hill isn't my idea of a bike ride. Neither is 20mph either though !)
(c) well now there's a question. Last week it did matter because I was neglectful and went out for lunch to a pub with 2 mates, this week it didn't, although I still went out with the same mates to the pub. So I don't know really. I think its the asking that's important, not the ride itself Wink

posted by potholist [4 posts]
14th January 2011 - 14:22

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