Still showing a bit of skin.

by demoff   October 17, 2010  

The weather forecaster has just mentioned arctic and I don't think he meant a big lorry. So as the temperatures fall who is holding on grimly to wearing shorts or threequarters or knee warmers and showing a bit of skin?

I am still wearing shorts with knee warmers although my tootsies were a bit cold today but am resisting the neoprene gimpwear as long as possible and going to try a pair of oversocks much to my missuses incredulity 'socks over your shoes'

Who else is holding out?

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for the commute (5-6 miles) i'll always be in threequarters, unless it's actually snowing or something. I've got overtrousers but it has to be about -4 before i can stand wearing them, they're so muggy. longer rides my feet tend to freeze whatever i do, so i've just kind of got used to it. i'll be breaking the longs out soon though, for sure.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7579 posts]
18th October 2010 - 8:20


From now on (if cold) I will be wearing 3/4's, a long sleeve cycling jersey or an endura baabaa base layer with a mavic windstopper over the top. Ive also got some toasty bspoke gauntlet gloves! Footwear wise, some cheap-ish pearl izumi shoes with castelli overshoes to take the chill off. Ive just put a buff on under my helmet for the first time this autumn too.

Like Dave, I cant be doing with waterproof overtrousers unless it is bucketing down - Ive only got a 10mile commute but it is just so miserable with heavy waterproof kit on.

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posted by Jon Burrage [1081 posts]
18th October 2010 - 8:49


For my ride to work this morning (11 miles) I wore a long sleeved merino base layer, Gore phantom jacket and Gore 3/4's I was plenty warm enough. Will change 3/4 for Alura mistral tights when it gets very, very cold!

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posted by Ms Morthern Rebel [43 posts]
18th October 2010 - 9:58

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been wearing 3/4s with a long sleeve jersey and base layer for the last couple of weeks. had to go for full longs and winter gloves yesterday morning as it was -2 degrees when i left the house at half seven.

as long as my fingers and feet are warm I'm not to worried about my legs

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posted by stuke [335 posts]
18th October 2010 - 12:37

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Across the pond in balmy southern Ontario we're still looking at great fall riding temps of about 10*C (morning)up to about 15*C (afternoon). Start out with PI or Cannondale shorts and legwarmers for the first 10 km or so, then off with the legwarmers! Regular PI jersey with a Specialized or Nike tank underneath, no arm warmers needed ... yet. So far, regular finger-less gloves.

Happy trails!

Dave K

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posted by Dave Krentz [11 posts]
18th October 2010 - 18:30


Last week it was ok for short rides but why risk the knees.

Wiggle are selling their 2010 DHB longs cheap to make way for new 2011. Have some Merstons nowfor longer rides and Endura Stealths for below 4C.

I am wearing shorts in my house though -injured so no riding for a week! I'm not using the heating so it won't be a shock to come out riding in 2 weeks lol


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posted by Fish_n_Chips [326 posts]
18th October 2010 - 18:56


Shorts, base layer and long sleeved top. Leg warmers and wind proof as backup. Just started using a buff on a 6 mile commute at 5am!!!

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posted by giff77 [1088 posts]
18th October 2010 - 19:06