I am in the process of building up my son's new race bike ready for next year's youth series.

Does anyone know if the Shimano R700 levers are compatible with SRAM Apex groupset?

Thanks in advance.  26


roadracedave [72 posts] 7 years ago

You will be able to use the Shimano R700 levers with the Sram Apex brakes, however, if you are thinking of using the Sram Apex rear derailleur then you will need to use Sram shifters, at the moment the Sram Rival shifters are only a few pounds more on most online sites.

If you wanting to keep the R700 shifters, then just buy everthing Sram Apex apart from the rear derailleur and use the Shimano shifters and rear derailleur with the Sram Apex brakes, front mech, chainset etc. If you are wanting to be able to use the 32t cassette then you are probably better off using the Sram shifters as although I am sure the Ultegra 6700 mid-cage rear mech will work with the 11-32 cassette, I am not sure it will work with the R700 shifters.

Hope that helps and has not just confused you!  1

Old Cranky [260 posts] 7 years ago

Comprehensive answer - thank you.