I'm new to Road.cc and one of the first articles I read was the news piece in the link below.
It made me think about this sort of light-emitting gear and how brilliant it would be for my commute this winter. The whole idea of permanently giving off light is a no brainer to me when it's dark - the cyclist would be so much more visible and safer. Anyone seen any of the Proviz gear on the roads?


dave atkinson [6329 posts] 7 years ago

we've got their rucksack with EL strips in for review at the mo. As with most EL gear it needs to be quite dark before it really gets visible but it'd be great for winter. It remains to be seen how well the electrics stand up to the elements, but i'm sure shaun will put it through its paces  1

Tony Farrelly [2911 posts] 7 years ago

I've been using this for the last couple of years and one of the lights is still going - just about, but I think you can get replacements - the light iscertainly is pretty noticeable in the dark and it's positioned in a good place too just below where a rucksack might sit.